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From vending machines to dining services, micro markets to catering, processing payments through Cantaloupe's ePort Connect Service helps you get more from your business.

Now more is even more rewarding than before. more was built to enable operators to connect with customers and gain a competitive advantage with rewards and loyalty. Now more gives vending operators the ability to extend that benefit across their entire business. Process all of your cashless payments through Cantaloupe to improve your economics, increase customer loyalty and account retention, and gain valuable insights that help your business grow.

how does more work?

Customers activate the more card at getmore.cantaloupe.com, which can then be used to earn cash back rewards for products or services purchased at any of the locations you identify via Seed Live.

Your business can then push special offers and promotions directly to your customers' email and more accounts to drive more frequent, repeat sales.

You'll build meaningful customer relationships that create consumer 'stickiness' and referrals though increased communication, product information, special reward and promotions, and more.

Contact your Cantaloupe Sales rep for pricing and additional information at 800.633.0340 or info@cantaloupe.com